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The over all construct of their music is native to true metal influences with some odd progressive cross elements and reaches to melodic guitar work like you would find in power and melodic metal.  The over all experience of the band can be described with over 2000 shows, audience from 10 up to 35.000, they are studio, live, touring, support, headliner, jingle and interview safe and have more than 20 albums and EP's recorded. 




Queen of Distortion, founded in 2018 by 5 former Members of bands who already got in touch with stages across Europe and south America, is a female fronted metal band from Germany who's genre is somewhat characterized by a portion of different rock but mostly metal genres. The over all construct of their music is native to true metal influences with some odd progressive cross elements and reaches to melodic guitar work like you would find in power and melodic metal.

Who is the Queen?
Queen of Distortion is a good remarkable name for the band. On one hand, “Distortion” is a vocal technique, that is practiced and well presented by their female lead singer Chris and then there is “The Queen” as a fictive Character of a story that is continued from album to album. The story is only available within the booklets of their records, an introduction to it will be released in 2019 on their website. This is somehow a cue to people who don't buy full albums anymore. Since the band is female fronted with a rough and assertive voice, the Queen of Distortion leaves no unfulfilled wishes to heavy
metal enthusiasts. The classic lineup of Vocals, Drums, Bass and 2 Guitars is almost perfect to handle a wide spectrum of influences. Accentuated drum and bass lines and the heavy guitar riffing during strophes and choruses bring their music to a point where music is going to be fun for their audience.

The over all experience of the band can be described with over 2000 shows, audience from 10 up to 35.000, they are studio, live, touring, support, headliner, jingle and interview safe and have more than 20 albums and EP's recorded. The band is also able to play their shows with just one of their guitarist, which then brings a different but pleasant touch to them. Queen of Distortion would declare them selves as a "bare metal band" but their different influences are more than noticeable through all of their tracks. 

Queen of Distortion are

Lead Vocals

Her majesty, Chris & the scepter of damnation

The Queen itself, arisen from the fallen, owner of the scepter of damnation. Fundamental hook lines, a very perspective aura and a voice, angels try to avoid are just a few considerable things to bring up for now. Her secret talent is not only the obvious vocal part in the band, it's more or less a question of keeping things together, compromising between different styles of music and making the best sandwiches the band ever had. Chris her style of singing is rough and represents the band, the music and the lyrics quite perfect.

Chris is a vocal coach that learned singing during her early years. She was always fascinated by metal music but never discovered herself into this genre. She made up her voice over a classical vocal degree and sung for different Top-40 Bands as also Rock/Pop cover acts. Her enthusiasm went that much into Rock / Metal music, that she decided to find members to fulfill this wish in 2018. Queen of Distortion is in fact her first rock related metal band. The band name relies on the matter of fact, that "distortion" is a vocal technique that she practices very well.

Bass & Backings

Carsten - The inventor of the dark light

Carsten, carrier of the redeeming hammer, the grandfather of Thor and bass player in the name of the Queen. His style is obviously the very TRUE part in the music of Queen of distortion. Carsten is always tolerant for having different influences but also follows a straight line, what makes him a truly good and consistent songwriter. His style of playing combines the real old school metal with somewhat modern accuracy. Carsten lives a real musicians life through and through, having a functional band, bringing things to life and let them live. Without such an ideal behind the music, the Queen of Distortion won't be possible.
Carsten is making music since he is 14. He was always fascinated by Bass instruments especially in metal music. His first strikes went through bands that made german rock music with odd instruments like keyboards and percussion's. His first real deal came with 1991 as he founded a band called Alien Power where he made his part in lead vocals and playing bass. The band unlikely separated due to an injury of their drummer. Carsten then founded the band Carbid! Which was a fun/cover band with record deal in 2011. The band existed 18 Years and separated in 2017. His impression reaches to support touring with U.D.O and other metal related giants of the 80s and 90s. Another noticeable band he played with was Random from Wuppertal/Düsseldorf.

Lead - Rhy Guitar

Torsten - The nordic Savage

Torsten the Nordic savage, the blacksmith of Excalibur. He is coming from the more deadly and dark side of Metal, playing this typical down, down, up…ahh no…down strokes with an energetic hard rhythm, great soloistic skills and rapid dynamic shredding! What makes him essential for their music is his talent of perfectly blending together the different influences of the band. The Queen herself very much enjoys every tune of his shredding.
Torsten starts playing guitar at the age of 13. He quickly taught himself the first chords during the era of the NWOHM. This of course left a lasting impression on him. Then the pace got faster and faster and more aggressive…up until now this is what he loves to listen to and makes up the largest part of his CD collection. He was 17 when he first tasted the stage blood. It led to a severe stage-infection he will never be cured from. During his musical career he joined several (well known) Bands like Silent Terror, Pain for Pleasure, Suspiria, Inward Infect Gladiators, MATHYR, Disrepute, Time to Bleed, CARBID! and now Queen of Distortion. The bottom lines: his unique songwriting skills and diverse guitar play combining different genres of Metal gives the songs just what they need to be special! Listen and find out yourself – you won’t regret it!


Holger - The Drum Dwarf

Holger the drum dwarf. Tight as hell and a short haired beauty, whos axes beat-up'a riff after the next. Yes, he can overtake him self while staying in the queue. Holger's not only beating his drums correct in the name of the Queen, he also came up from a progressive influence, which makes the over all concept of the band quite interesting. Clear defined double bass parts, breaks and also tight discretion in parts where you would expect something different going on are remarkable for the Queen of distortion.
Holger starts playing drums self-taught at the age of 15, without a teacher or music notes, only by listening to music again and again or watching videos in the TV (music videos or shows did not really exist in TV during the 80s). He particed nearly every day and brought his parents to the edge of their mind. His parents were very lucky as Holger starts playing for various Metal, Rock, Pop, Blues and Southern Rock Bands, hopefully never playing drums at home again. The different influences from all of the various art of music he played and his idols like Iron Maiden, Saxon, Dream Theater or Queensryche and so on made his style of playing drums as he do today, in the name of the queen. He also joined Carbid! In 2015 is is therefore part of the prehistoric era of Queen of Distortion.

Lead - Rhy Guitar

Mike - The Archer

Mike the archer, from the gloomy heath forests, nimble and accurate.
Mike’s extensive guitar style, from hard and fast to melodious, fits perfectly into the arrangements. The Queen rejoices over the enrichment.
At the age of 5, Mike was inspired by a live DVD from AC / DC and the guitar god Angus Young. It was only a matter of time before he picked up a guitar and started playing. While the kids were playing computer games in his neighborhood for hours, Mike was busy with music and his guitar. His parents' attempts to get him interested in something other than music and guitar all failed. Over time, Mike discovers his penchant for metal. Elements of his favorites such as Grave Digger, Hammerfall or Avantasia can be found in his style. After several different stages in his career, he became a member of Queen of Distortion at the end of 2019.