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The Story of Bonesetter

17. JULI 2018

BONESETTER represents heavy, gritty, groovy and passioned rock music for the modern age. Born in an era where the musical landscape was dominated by scene pretenders and trend followers, BONESETTER emerged with their 

dedication to musicianship and melody, 

gathered a growing fanbase and stood the test of time.
Initially formed in 2010 by axe slinging duo Franz Schröter and Hendrik Labisch, who is also the charismatic vocalist, BONESETTER has been through some lineup changes and was finally completed when Anna Nosferati (Bass) and 

Martin "The Animal" (Drums) joined forces.
In 2012/13 the SHORT FAST MERCILESS EP was recorded at the KR Music Studios and it delivered six powerful hard rock songs - which are only a benchmark of things that are yet to come. After a year of extended concert playing and songwriting BONESETTER are back in the studio and about to release their first LP ONE WAY TOP SPEED in summer 2017. Expect 12 massive songs of larger than life rock and roll music!
The machine is only getting started.